A partnership with the iimt - a smart investment in your future

Invest in your future and become an iimt partner. As a partner, you will not only benefit from our educational programmes and research, but you will have the opportunity to establish national and international contacts with leading figures in both the academic and the industrial worlds.

The iimt offers numerous benefits in the area of Management in Technology. You can put together your individual package of benefits especially tailored to your own needs by selecting your preferred cooperation options. Six different possibilities of a partnership are available from a Bronze up to a Platinum Partner.

Join our international network of partner and professionals - We are looking forward to get in touch with you.



  • The iimt Platinum Partner are given the unique possibility to invest into education, scholarships, doctoral programmes and research.

    As Platinum Partner you are directly investing into people by being part of the institute and the academic world. Platinum Partners of the iimt benefit from the most attractive advantages and the iimt’s international network. 

    Our Platinum Partners are:



  • By becoming a Gold Partner of the iimt you are investing into education and your own human capital.

    Gold Partners will benefit from a certain amount of free modules, which can be invested for employees of the Gold Partner Company. Several advantages and the positioning in the academic world are guaranteed.

    Our Gold Parners are:



  • As a Silver Partner of the iimt, you are part of the iimt world and therefore contribute to high level quality of education.

    Silver Partners benefit from reductions on the iimt educational programmes for their employees and several other advantages.


  • The iimt and its Chair are closely collaborating with its Bronze Media Partners. Associations, institutions and companies may become Bronze Partners of the iimt.

    As a continuing formation provider it is necessary to be up to date at any time; furthermore it is also important to inform to and from all collaborators of the institute. To simplify and strengthen the communication about current happenings the iimt collaborates with Media Partners.

    Main purpose of these partnerships is the exchange of knowledge and the two-way network strengthening.

    Our Bronze and Media Partners are:





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  • By becoming an iimt Donor, you are investing in the general continuing education programme and its quality. The donation is seen as symbolic contribution to the institute. The minimum donation is set at Sfr. 100.-.

    • Prof. Dr. Louis Bosshart, University of Fribourg
    • Dr. Werner Brinker, CEO EWE AG
    • James Greene
    • Frank Huber, Swisscom AG
    • Dr. Christian Keller, General Manager, IBM Switzerland and Austria
    • Marcus Madelung
    • Christian Martin, General Manager, Cisco Switzerland
    • Dr. Dieter Reichelt, Member of the Board, Axpo AG
    • Sage Schweiz AG
    • Dr. Martin Schmatz, Manager Systems Department, IBM Research
    • Hauke Stars, General Manager, HP Switzerland
    • Peter Waser, General Manager, Microsoft Services Western Europe

  • How to become a partner

    In a globalised world, companies compete with each other on a daily basis. Managers need to be well armed to face everyday challenges. A good manager needs talent, but not only talent. A manager is also a professional within his or her own business. The iimt offers potential managers the professional competence to become leaders of tomorrow.

    A strong network to face these challenges has become a must have nowadays. The iimt strengthens and enlarges its and your personal and professional network of people and companies around the world.

    If you want to find out more about the partnership possibilities with the iimt and the opportunities to enlarge your network, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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