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Crowd Energy


Crowd Energy is the collective effort of individuals or profit or non-profit organisations, or both, pooling their resources through online ICT applications to build sustainable micro-grid energy systems and to help to implement the energy turnaround. This means

  • decentralisation in production and storage
  • smart and efficient energy use
  • but also a substantial change in society, economy and politics.

our current projects


BEANSBehaviour Analysis for Network Stability. How prosumer behaviour influence the stability of an electricity network. How should a Crowd Energy Community be designed to achieve individual and collective goals?



LORERole of Experimental Environments in Enabling Path-Breaking Innovation. Development of an evaluation approach for innovation processes in experimental environments.


Cybersecurity in Crowd Energy Environments

SecurityHow could the cybersecurity quality of Crowd Energy communities be measured? and how should a Crowd Energy Community be designed in order to be secure against cyberattacks?


Niche Analysis

NICHENiche analysis and actor network mapping of the smart living lab. Review the innovative performance of the smart living lab by conceptualizing it as a innovation niche / experimental space in the understanding of Strategic Niche Management (SNM) and Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA).



SmartSMART - a Multidimensional Concept in Modern Economy. Smart is an evolutionary transition, which is promoted with the aim to achieve sustainable development and ensure sustainable welfare of a particular socio‐technical system (STS).


Interactive Crowd Simulation

SimulationInteractive simulation of a Crowd Energy system. Developing an interactive simulation of a Crowd Energy system; acting as a testbed for static and dynamic experiments on the sharing behaviour of energy prosumers within the crowd.

christian.ritzel(at)unifr.ch and


smart living lab

SLLflyerThe smart living lab project is a cutting-edge, inter-disciplinary, interinstitutional platform that combines several lines of research related to the built environment of the future.


Compass Guide

CompassThe research objective is to provide a compass guide through the myriad of organisational forms of «The (global) Energiewende».


Energy Prosumer Research

ProsumerMain goal - A system analysis of already existing prosumer‐based organisational forms and the investigation of the willingness to become involved in prosumer‐based organisational forms.


our publications

The iimt research team publishes a large number of research papers in recognised scientific journals and presents its research results at various national and international conferences.

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