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ideas@iimt is an early stage support program that helps students develop their ideas into more concrete business opportunities. It provides students a platform for early-stage coaching and individualized advice, in a hands on approach. Through the iimt’s extensive network, students have access to a pool of experts and to a variety of interdisciplinary teams to provide them with the right contacts to further develop their idea. The program helps students build minimal viable products by providing access to experts, funding and prototyping technology like 3D printing.

ideas@iimt challenges students to improve their creativity through trainings, workshops and by offering students a creative workplace. Business development and prototyping is at the heart of ideas@iimt. To allow the budding entrepreneurs to grow their business and make them ready for professional support programs, ideas@iimt also provides financial support, acts as a bridgehead to different financing possibilities and also works with personal sponsors for student’s ideas.

smart living lab

The smart living lab project is a cutting-edge, inter-disciplinary, interinstitutional platform that combines several lines of research related to construction technologies: material sciences and renewable energy production systems that take into account aspects that are related to the occupation of a building, living space and housing, such as comfort, health and air quality. It aims to be a center of national scope, recognized on an international level and involving a variety of players and institutions. The smart living lab is a center for research and development dedicated to the built environment of the future not only on a technical but also on a societal level.

Its goal is to imagine living spaces while focusing on users’ well-being and environmental issues. It draws on the combined skills of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the School of engineering and architecture of Fribourg (HEIA-FR) and the University of Fribourg (UNIFR) in the areas of sustainable architecture, technology and materials, comfort, as well as law and human sciences.

Change Box


The time has come! If you have something in mind you would like to change, then take the opportunity by filling out one of the forms you will find next to the Change Box or visit www.change-box.com for online participation. A pilot project is running, giving students and employees the opportunity to express their ideas through a simple way called Change Box. You can find the Change Box in several University buildings like Pérolles 21, as well as in Pérolles 10!

Swiss Living Challenge

logo swisslivingchallenge

Teams from all over the world are welcome to design and produce an energy efficient living unit without any restrictions in comfort and attractiveness. Furthermore, actual and future energy challenges have to be considered. The Solar Decathlon contest offer a unique opportunity to create educational programmes in the field of architecture and engineering by working together in a concrete project.