Award Ceremony 2010

On the 5th of November 2010, the iimt launched its annual Leaders Lunch (incl. the Award Ceremony) for the second time. The new look has proven last year. The Nuithonie in Villar-sur-Glâne was the place to be on this day. Special to the occasion were Graduates in "Executive MBA in Utility Management".

This year, 10 Executive MBA’s and 1 Executive Diploma in ICT Management, 3 Executive MBA's in Utility Management as well as the prize "Best Paper Award 2009" and the prize "Best Management Summary" were awarded during the ceremony.

  • Balsiger Jürg
  • Berta Peter
  • Eglin Maurice
  • Egy Daniel Georg
  • Lengacher Stefan
  • Leproux Grégory
  • Marty Daniel

  • Mauron Frédéric
  • Mauron Jacques
  • Odermatt Markus
  • Ortega Alejandro
  • Renfer Stefan
  • Schwab Stéphane
  • Solomita Bernhard